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The Aptus Speech Clinic offers speech therapy for adults and children. Speech therapy sessions are provided in our clinic rooms in the Clonee, Co. Meath,and Ballycoolin, Dublin 11.


Home visits are also available upon request. We carry out home visits in Dublin North, Dublin South, Meath and Louth.

Group speech therapy and training workshops for family members of stroke and brain injury survivors are also available. We also provide training on the use of apps in speech and language therapy.

Child In Speech Therapy

Child Speech Therapy


Adult Speech Therapy


Working with Lorraine has been invaluable to my 4 year old’s speech development. She achieved such an improvement in a few sessions! All sessions were tailored to my child’s interests and needs and done through play. Even better was that she called to our home. Lorraine provides lots of resources and support between sessions. She is fully registered which meant our health insurance covered some of the fees. I highly recommend her without reservation.

By Angela Cregan

My husband Tom had speech therapy with Lorraine following his stroke. She not only really helped him, she also really helped me. At the time I was struggling to communicate with Tom. He used to get so frustrated when I didn't understand what he was trying to say. I used to get angry and frustrated too. Lorraine's conversation partner training was so helpful. I learned how to adapt my own communication and how to support Tom with his.

By Lisa Andrews

I was looking for a good speech therapist for my 23 year old son with ASD. I am so glad I found Lorraine. She was able to understand him and adapt the sessions to his needs. She is patient with him and I have seen his confidence in social speaking grow since he started with Lorraine. Her apps are so good for us practice at home and she is constantly thinking of ideas to try next. My son looks forward to his sessions with her. Lorraine is also very good in bouncing ideas off me and we work as a team to help my son. It is not easy to find a therapist who understands autism, Lorraine does!


By Clement Francis

Lorraine​'s support and knowledge has been invaluable to my partner John who has Motor Neurone Disease. We saw Lorraine shortly after John's diagnosis and she immediately advised him to bank his voice. Although his speech was only mildly affected at the time, we followed Lorraine's advice. She was able to explain the voice banking process to us and told us which text to speech app would be best for John.  Now John has lost his speech. He uses a text to speech app with his banked voice. We're both so glad that he still has his voice. 

By Anne Gilroy

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